Wellness Care

We want to help your pet live the longest and happiest life possible.

Wellness exams and routine screening tests are big steps toward helping your pets achieve these goals. In fact, just like in humans, prevention is key to a long healthy life.

This includes vaccinations, checkups and baseline assessments. When your pet comes in for their checkup, we can use our in-house diagnostics to assess your pet’s baseline health. Then, when they come in again, we know what healthy looks like on your pet and can catch any internal issues you’re pet can’t tell you about.

We believe that offering semi-annual wellness exams is the best healthcare approach for your pets because pets age up to seven times faster than people, so when it comes to their healthcare, a visit to the veterinarian every year is equivalent to people seeing their physician or dentist every seven years. Along with cats and dogs, Glenway Animal Hospital treats pocket pets, which include: rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, and rats.

The first exam of the year will include a comprehensive physical, the traditional vaccines, and parasite screens. The second visit (6-month wellness) will include a second comprehensive physical exam and further diagnostics like blood tests, electrocardiogram screens, blood pressure monitoring, urinalysis, and x-rays. Our doctors also check for teeth malocclusions at each pocket pet exam.

Problems are easier (and cheaper) to fix when they are found early, but if we find problems, we need to look for them since our patients might not complain about them until they’re serious.

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