Our hospital provides a wide range of surgical services for pets, including spaying and neutering, dental surgeries, and specialty procedures.

We understand that surgery can be a stressful experience for both pets and their owners, which is why we take extra precautions to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients.

Our experienced veterinary team uses state-of-the-art surgical equipment and the safest available anesthetics to provide an extra margin of safety for our patients, particularly those who are older or at higher risk. We carefully monitor vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation, during all anesthetic procedures to ensure that your pet is stable throughout the entire process.

Our team also provides personalized anesthesia plans tailored to each patient’s individual needs, taking into account factors such as age, breed, and medical history. This allows us to minimize any potential risks associated with anesthesia and ensure a smooth and successful surgery.

At our hospital, we strive to make surgical procedures as comfortable and stress-free as possible for both pets and their owners. We understand that your pet’s health is of the utmost importance, and we are committed to providing the highest quality surgical care possible.


Surgical Procedures

Here is an abbreviated list of our offered surgical services. Please give us a call to discuss your pet’s needs and other procedures performed at our office.

  • Ovariohysterectomy (Spay – dog, cat, rabbit)
  • Neuter (dog, cat, rabbit)
  • Aural Hematoma
  • Laceration Repairs
  • Dental extractions
  • Enucleation
  • Mass removals
  • Abdominal Exploratory
  • Cystotomy
  • C-section
  • Pyometra
  • Amputations
  • Select orthopedic procedures

Surgery Referral Information

For referring veterinarians, we strive to provide thorough surgical care to your patients in a collaborative manner.

To learn more about our process or to make a referral, please visit our ‘Surgery Referral Information’ page.

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