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Glenway Animal Hospital Presents

Pets of the Month:

  Scrappy, Janice, Rudolph Valentino, Cali Ann

This Scrappy, Jr! He's a 10 months old chihuahua/corgi mix rescue and a total mommy's boy. His favorite things in the world are cheese, playing with his three kitty siblings and chasing (and eating) bug outside. Once he caught a lighting bug but found out they don't really taste that great so he let it go. Flowers taste way better after all. He also enjoys short walks to the laundry basket to steal socks and squeaking his favorite tennis ball in his mom's ear for hours at a time! 


Janice aka Princess Flufferbottom: a twelve year old rescue off the streets, queen of her household, eater of tuna and chunky little sass master. She has one tooth and will gum you aggressively if you try to touch her fluffy tummy. (It's irresistibly soft and luxurious, she knows) Her favorite things in the world are sitting on the patio in the sunshine, long naps on the couch and showing everyone who is boss. You may admire her from afar. 

Rudolph Valentino aka Rudy is one of those cats that doesn't seem to realize he's actually a cat. He spends most of his day wrestling with his puppy brother, sleeping in the doggy bed and plotting evil schemes to steal all the cheese from the fridge. Rudy loves cuddling with his mommy, drooling on her face and waking her up at 2 am by biting her nose and snoring in her ear.

Cali Ann has been with her family since she was found as a kitten crying in the rain, 14 years ago. She has grown up seeing other childhood pets come and go, has grieved alongside her family when they crossed the rainbow bridge and welcomed new family members as they arrive. Cali has comforted her fur momma since she was a child, her fur dry countless tears, enduring numerous hugs and been a constant warmth at her family's side for years. She loves laying in the sunshine, being pampered with catnip, boiled chicken, sitting in the most inconvenient places and meowing at anyone who tries to move her. Her personality is a vibrant and beautiful as her calico coat.