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Pets of the Month:

  Chase, Meekah and Luna

This is Chase, Meekah and Luna. Full names would be Chaserooni Vincenzo, Meekalina Lucia, & Little Lady Luna Bella Rosiello. Chase & Meekah were a package deal, couldn't adopt one without the other. They came from a rescue in Portland. Three different animal lovers volunteered their own time to take shifts to travel and drive them from there, to our home in Cincinnati. They are smart a a whip & love to snuggle in bed. Luna was an unexpected third furry child. We babysat her for the first few weeks for a coworker, & when the owners were going to take her to the SPCA because she was too wild... that's when my wife & I stepped in and made her part of the Rosiello Family. I'm happy to say she has both settled down, & settled in with the family. Now this Furry crew have become like therapy dogs for my wife & I. We call them the "Key Three"