Glenway Animal Hospital

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Glenway Animal Hospital Presents

Pets of the Month:

   Penny, Gus Gus, Spike and Who Dey 

Penny is our almost one year old Golden Retriever. She is as sweet as can be, and very smart. She has been busy training in obedience classes so that she can pass the Canine Good Citizen test. Once she passes, she will be able to go to school as an emotional support animal at John G Carlisle Elementary. 

Gus Gus is our 4 year old Guinea Pig. He's a bit on the larger size and loves to eat. He will squeak anytime someone opens the refrigerator to let them know he's hungry. Cuddling and pooping are among his favorite past times. 

Spike is a bearded dragon that we adopted this year. We think Spike is about 4 years old. He loves to lay on his rock and catch crickets. He also loves peppers and blue berries. Spike is a very chill guy. 


Who Dey is the newest Member of our circus. He is a fancy leopard Gecko. We aren't sure of his age but he is still a baby we think. He has the coolest marking and likes to be held. His favorite place is to be on your shoulder or in his coconut.