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Glenway Animal Hospital Presents

Pets of the Month:

   The Garrett Family 

Leonidas is an 11 year old pug. Leo joined our family while I was living in Germany, and since then has moved with us to Washington, Alaska and Kentucky. He enjoys traveling, naps, snacks and belly rubs. 

Harley Quinn is a 10 year old mixed breed. We have no idea what Harley is, but our best guess is kind of retriever mix. She loves hiking with us, playing in the snow, and sunbathing. 

Nebula is approximately 1 1/2 years old. She was dumped off at a previous clinic I worked at along with her 2 siblings. While taking care of her, I fell in love with her sweet personality and decided to bring her home. She enjoys staring at birds through the window, snuggling, and playing with us.