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National Microchipping Month

 Did you know:   1 in 3 pets will get lost.  Without ID, 90% won't return home.

Microchip ID - Glenway Animal Hospital - Cincinnati,Ohio  The most reliable way to recover your lost pet is by having them microchipped.  Microchipping your pet is a quick procedure where the doctor inserts a small chip (which is a RFID-radio frequency identification transponder), approximately the size of a grain of rice, underneath's the pet's skin.  The chip is programmed with a code that contains a unique number which is read by a special scanner and traces the number back to the pet's owners.

The SPCA, shelters, rescues, veterinary offices, and some police department or animal control have HomeAgain Microchip - Glenway Animal Hospital - Cincinnati,Ohio  the special scanners necessary to read the pet's microchip.   When your pet is found and taken to one of these locations, the staff will scan the pet to see if it has a microchip.  If your pet does have a microchip, the number will appear on the scanner and the staff can call the appropriate company registry or look the number up with the Universal Microchip Search Tool, a website that will provide the information for any microchip company.  The owner's information remains private, all communication is directed through the microchip company and the pet is reunited with it's owners.

 A microchip provides a permanent link for the pet to their owner.  Even the most loved and well cared for pets can stray, become lost, or be stolen.  Microchiping your pet provides the best chance for a happy reunion.